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Text Editing Assistant 9.4

As the name suggests is a powerful editing program which is excellently designed
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Text Editing Assistant 8.2, as the name suggests, is a powerful editing program which is excellently designed. This text editing tool is dedicated to maximizing your editing speed by managing all your text documents. The program includes all the necessary tools one may require for handling texts with ease. This is the most efficient and easiest tool, which assists you in performing text-editing tasks with great results.

The program offers many tools - you may select any of these tools and use it to perform text editing. Offered tools are: ASCII and HTML Character codes, Calculator, Calendar, Count a difference in percent, Hexadecimal Color Codes, Metrics Converter, Number to words Transformer, On-line Editing, Text Files Joiner and Upper-Lower Cases Converter. For easy processing, all the related characters and symbols are bundled into respective groups. The tool allows you to work with mathematical symbols and numbers, financial symbols, assorted symbols, English or Latin characters. This program is absolutely free and easily downloadable from its website. It runs on Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

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